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Cleveland Structured Cabling

Prepare your infrastructure for tomorrow

Structured cabling isn't just for data centers or IT departments. It's a standard way of managing and utilizing your enterprise building's connectivity for applications such as: Emerging low-voltage applications, Sensor-driven technologies, Wireless networks, Wi-Fi, LED lighting, Security, HVAC, Cloud computing and Audio/visual systems.

This all starts with an intelligent connectivity plan—like the universal connectivity grid (UCG). This plan should include workhorse cabling like category cables, which can run up to 10 Gbps.

But it should also feature a backbone that can support future technology like fiber optics—which can accommodate up to 100 Gbps and more. The right plan creates an infrastructure that ensures your building will achieve its full communications potential.

Structured cabling creates a smart, easy-to-manage network infrastructure. Move, add, replace or enhance any part of your network at any time—without causing unnecessary downtime or interruptions. Structured cabling also helps minimize OpEx and future installation costs.

With our structured cabling, your enterprise building gains an immediate strategic advantage that will last for years to come.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Scalability, Flexibility, Performance

For the utmost in communication quality in channels ranging from voice to video, and applications such as high speed internet access, fiber optic cabling is a proven solution with many cost saving and performance benefits. But to deploy or upgrade a fiber optic cabling system requires certain expertise to ensure a scalable and flexible communications infrastructure that guarantees speed and reliability.

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Voice and Data Cabling

Connecting Your Business Across the Office or Across the Nation with Voice and Data Cabling

Voice, video, data, and other electronic means of communicating are everyday, yet integral, parts of any organization. And every day, systems wear out, offices get remodeled, or businesses open doors. Ensuring that the “basics” of voice and data are guaranteed means having the right structured cabling and network infrastructure in place with the utmost in service and support.

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Structured cabling services that wire you for success!

Our sales, project management, and technical teams keep up-to-date with cabling standards and trends in your industry, so that we can better understand your business requirements and processes.
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    Lisa Skalecki
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    Josh Wells
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    Dustin Snyder

Security Camera Cabling

Advanced Communications Cabling offers a turnkey solution for video surveillance and security system installation. We can offer you peace of mind that your business or office is protected 24 hours a day.

Security Camera and Video Surveillance Systems, also referred to as CCTV systems, DVR security, or IP cameras are great tools to protect your company or commercial properties from theft, damaging lawsuits, employee misconduct, and vandalism.

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